satin black

Satin Clear Full Body Wrap

That time when full body wrap and little exterior accent pieces add a custom touch to your vehicle and make it look unique.

This already classic satin black exterior look seems to work almost on any vehicle making all individual body lines stand out nicely. Now here is the fun part!  You would probably guess that this Porsche’s exterior was wrapped in a popular Satin Black vinyl and had red accents applied over the top?  No doubt about the last part, but instead of the actual Satin Black vinyl wrap we installed Satin Clear film on originally black vehicle.  Think about it, if you have a special colour code on a vehicle or simply enjoy the colour of your car, keep it! Keep it and protect it with the clear paint protection film! Or take it further just like this vehicle’s owner: go with Satin Clear for a special look!

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The All Black Mercedes S63

Mercedes S63 exterior transformation included Satin Black full body wrap and complete exterior chrome trim black out.

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Satin Black M3 5 years later

Wrap longevity and durability concerns every vehicle owner that considers having their vehicle wrapped. Over the years we have been testing and experimenting with various films, installation techniques, designs, etc and have built up a pretty competent knowledge base of vinyl film qualities, their life expectancy and so on.

Having access to reliable quality material on it’s own does not result in producing desirable install. The top notch vehicle wraps require specified knowledge, installer expertise and skills. And when all of the above are combined together, the final result is outstanding. And outstanding is what Restyle It aims for!

This BMW M3 was wrapped in satin black just a bit over than five years ago. Back then the question of wrap durability was still in the air, as there were no reliable traceable sources to follow and see how long wraps last in Canadian winters and how they withstand Toronto’s road conditions.

Today we have an answer for you! Five and a half years of being driven on daily basis had this M3 wrap looking like solid 8 out 10, where other two points were given up to insignificant minor damages that were out of owners or installer’s control over the years. We got to give it to the film itself, harsh winters and burning summers didn’t ruin the satin effect of the film, nor it faded or discoloured.

Gallery below shows some intricate spots where vinyl was still sitting down pretty solid. This indicates the quality approach to the detail oriented installation, which is what every car owner is seeking for.

Seeing such work years down the road makes a credible statement that Restyle It team really stands behind the quality of work we produce. Best reward is seeing a returning customer fascinated, happy and ready for the new color transformation.

Story to be continued…

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Satin Black BMW X5

We almost got to miss it as it’s been a while since we’ve done a satin black project. The variety of different colours is growing exponentially and people tend to experiment with them. Can’t call it a bad thing, right. However, black will always remain black. Classic, looks wise and easy in maintenance.
Originally black, this X5 went for the satin black look. Can’t miss with that one!

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Satin Black Porsche Cayenne

Painted black from the factory, the customer decided to wrap this Porsche in a Matte Black Vinyl. Gloss black vinyl is very much like paint. It has a high gloss finish and reflects the most light, behaving very much like paint. In between a gloss and matte finish lies satin, which is not as paint-like as a gloss black vinyl, however, it still has a slight sheen and is very unique when compared to a factory paint job. In the case of this Porsche, matte black vinyl has little to no gloss and does not reflect light like satin or gloss vinyls.

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