Protect your paint today, to avoid disappointment tomorrow!

Vehicles now days are mass produced and manufacturers try to cut cost on everything they can. There are a lot more colours available to customize your vehicle but the use of water-based paint does not provide the thickness the same as it was before.

What are the consequences?!

  1. More prone to damage and and catching a stone that will go right through the paint.
  2. Scratches are harder to fix and even a slight scratch will go to the metal or aluminum which requires a different process when painting.
  3. A lot less paint to work with if you want to polish to bring back the original shine.

We Have A SOLUTION For You

Paint protection film is a great solution to keep your paint looking like day one for years to come. Thick clear rubber coating creates a protective layer that will not let your paint get damaged. Material is self healing and automatic wash safe! With 10 year warranty we will keep your paint looking amazing for years to come!

Call us for details on packages available for your vehicle. We create custom packages according to the use of your vehicle. Just don’t forget to mention 10% off deal for the package deal. 1-416-238-2455

Tesla Model X Full Body PPF

Full body Paint Protection Film install is featured in the gallery bellow.

At Restyle It we offer customizable coverage packages for Paint Protection Film. You may choose to have any part of your vehicle’s exterior protected, as well as add or remove any parts from the standard pre-cut kits we have available.

Want certain interior panels protected as well? Find out more by calling 1-888-987-WRAP (9727).

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Are you shopping around for paint protection install on your vehicle?
In today’s market, it’s far beyond the price and who can do it for cheaper. Material and products are easily accessible these days, so you may find dozens of installers around the city convincing the crowd they can perform a great install twice cheaper than the big shop around the block. WARNING! Vehicle customization remains the type of industry where the client pays the money to buy experience! The less money you pay, the poorer experience gets applied on your car!

Realistically, what you have to keep in mind is the reputation, years in business and the quality of work that was put out by the shop you are approaching.

Still not convinced? “Hey Google, how to get to 215 Creditstone Road, Unit 1 in Vaughan?”

Come visit us! We will go through your questions over the cup of coffee, show you around and make sure you leave satisfied.

Project below: BMW M4 full body paint protection film install.


Protecting your vehicle paint with clear film (know in the market as Paint Protection Film) is on the rise these days!

Whether it’s partial, full or custom kit of any type, we can do it!

Interested in having full vehicle exterior paint guarded with PPF? You are at the right place!


Are we certified? YES!


How soon can we do it? CALL NOW TO FIND OUT!

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Protect Your Investment with Restyle IT

Protecting factory paint on your vehicle is one of the most effective ways to protect the value of your investment! Paint Protection Film has been the most reliable way of preventing paint damage for decades and still is.

With the variety of choices out in the market, you are best off finding the reputable and reliable facility that will walk you through all of the options available and cater to your specific needs. Knowledgable and experienced installers is the key!

Your paint protection is meant to stay on the vehicle for years to come, therefore it’s crucial to find professional installers to do the job flawless and up to your expectation!

If you are reading this page, look no longer! Call us today for Your Individual Non-obligation Consultation with Restyle It Certified Paint Protection Specialist. Detailed material and application process description as well as quotes are provided during the tour.

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Have you just picked up the new car and looking for having Paint Protection Film installed on it?

We’ve got you covered from basic partial front end kits to full vehicle exterior clear wraps.

Call it now for details and quotes!

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Looking for Paint Protection for your car?

Full body and partial exterior paint protection kits are available at Restyle It!

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Audi A3 Paint Protection and More

Paint Protection Film has been on the rise lately. Today’s story is about this Audi A3 sedan whose new proud owner took it to Restyle It for a special treatment procedure before she could enjoy it out on the streets of Toronto.

One of the first things any owner of a newly purchased vehicle should consider is protecting their investment. Last thing you want to see on your brand new or freshly painted car is that small but really visible and eye bothering stone chip. Or two!

Before we let this Audi out to hit the city’s highways we installed Paint Protection Film on the vehicle’s front bumper, full hood and partial fenders. While it was here we did something little extra that gave the car unique one of a kind look. Gloss Black roof and High Gloss Tiffany Blue accents now compliment the beautiful white exterior of this car.

If you are considering having Paint Protection done on your vehicle, please let us know how we can help! We offer various packages to accomodate every client’s individual driving experience and needs!

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BMW 335 Mpack Clear Protection

Interested in having 3M Paint Protection film installed on your vehicle?


Gallery below features: 2015 BMW 335 Mpack front end 3M Pro Series paint protection film install.

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Volkswagen Golf R with 3M Pro Series clear paint protection film

Now, that the winter mode is on, it’s time to put your winter tires and a paint protection coat on. Oh wait, paint protection season was never off! Whether it’s hot and sunny summer days, or you are out in the cold driving down salty, snowy city roads, your ride deserves a special treatment that we call a clear protection coat!

3M revolutionary Pro Series paint protection kit will prevent your car from nasty road debris and any other minor damages that might upset you and your wallet. Worry no longer! Bring your car in to Restyle It and let our 3M certified installers take care of your ride!

The gallery bellow features VW Golf R undergoing front end paint protection install. We also wrapped the roof in gloss black to complement the deep blue factory paint and the gloss black side view mirrors.

Interested to learn more about the newest clear protection film available on the market? Answers to all of your questions are just a phone call away! Dial 1-888-987-9727 for details and appointments!

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