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Hot Pink LilCoopr

Here is a short story about a life long childhood dream that came true and we are happy to be a little part of it. 2013 Mini Cooper S Convertible, known by the name STELL4, is owned by an incredible person, who pursued her dream to travel across the country and fundraise for a great cause.

In summer 2014 LILCOOPR (her instagram name) drove all the way from Toronto down to west coast, making frequent stops along the American side of the ocean, across a number of states and cities and back to her hometown with the goal to raise $10000 ($1 per each mile driven) in support of Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.

Just before her journey started, she brought STELL4 for a major makeover from a factory black to the Hot Pink exterior look.

What makes this project even more special? Before Hot Pink by Arlon even made it out to the market, we got to be the lucky ones to test out the first roll on STELL4. And as you can see it turned out great!

For more details on HOT PINK STELL4’s journey, please visit www.drivingfordreams.ca. Support Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada and donate!

www.drivingfordreams.ca please visit and donate!

Here are some snap shots of HOT PINK STELL4’s trip:

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