gloss green

Envy Green Porsche 911 Turbo

You would wonder what motivated manufacturer to name this colour Envy Green. We must say though, that is does look attractive and quite enchanting. Especially when it’s applied on this timelessly beautiful curvy Porsche supercar.

The history of Porsche has gone through decades of development, improvement and perfecting of their vehicles and company reputation. For instance, did you know that in 1975, Porsche was the first manufacturer to introduce hot-dip galvanized steel for the entire body. They took their paint technology up to a different level. As a matter of fact, Porsche buyers can opt to have their cars painted any desired colour. This explains quite an impressive selection of Porsche models (including classics) painted in various shades of green. Just to name a few:  Irish Green, Signal Green, Lime Green, Speedway Green, Emerald Green Metallic and so on.

Well lets continue the Porsche tradition then and add Envy Green to their collection.  Whatever Porsche cant paint, we can wrap.

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