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Are you shopping around for paint protection install on your vehicle?
In today’s market, it’s far beyond the price and who can do it for cheaper. Material and products are easily accessible these days, so you may find dozens of installers around the city convincing the crowd they can perform a great install twice cheaper than the big shop around the block. WARNING! Vehicle customization remains the type of industry where the client pays the money to buy experience! The less money you pay, the poorer experience gets applied on your car!

Realistically, what you have to keep in mind is the reputation, years in business and the quality of work that was put out by the shop you are approaching.

Still not convinced? “Hey Google, how to get to 215 Creditstone Road, Unit 1 in Vaughan?”

Come visit us! We will go through your questions over the cup of coffee, show you around and make sure you leave satisfied.

Project below: BMW M4 full body paint protection film install.


Protecting your vehicle paint with clear film (know in the market as Paint Protection Film) is on the rise these days!

Whether it’s partial, full or custom kit of any type, we can do it!

Interested in having full vehicle exterior paint guarded with PPF? You are at the right place!


Are we certified? YES!


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