Custom Arctic Camo Wrap

As we have just welcomed 2016 and winter is about to turn real, we thought it’s a good time to share our Arctic Camo Nissan GTR wrap. With camouflage looks being so popular in the last little while, there is quite a number of different patterns, styles and colours available on the market. When it comes to camo wraps, we take in consideration the size, shape and exterior specifications in order to achieve the desired as well best looking result for each given vehicle.

Custom wraps also require professional and exceptional quality printing equipment and services in order to ensure colour and bordering looking sharp and precise when printed on a larger format.

After the design details have been coordinated and agreed on with the client, it moves on to the following stage which is printing. Once done, the actual wrap application takes place. What makes some custom wraps challenging is the pattern lining when two vehicle parts must have the design merging and forming one single image.

While being time consuming and intricate, camouflage wraps are fun and absolutely rewarding to work on. Unique and custom to fit individual taste and preferences they create exceptional experience for our clients and us.

If interested in camouflage wrap, please contact us for details.

Pattern shapes, colours and different sizes are available at our office in Vaughan.

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Mini Countryman Camouflage

Special project for Mini Downtown Toronto for Remembrance Day in 2014.

Custom camouflage wrap printed and installed to encourage recognition and remembrance of those who have given their lives in the line of duty since First World War. This vehicle has become the showroom model in one of the city’s largest Mini Cooper retail centers.

Camo wraps are available in various shapes and forms as well as colours. They can also be installed peace by peace individually if design concept requires so, or outlined, printed and applied as one solid sheet.

Camo wraps have become trendy in the last couple of years, so if you have always wanted to treat your car with one of a kind wrap, we are here to make it happen!

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Jeep Rubicon Winter Camo wrap

Custom Camo wrap set this Jeep Rubicon up and ready for the winter time!

Restyle It designer team put together a unique four tone camouflage pattern for our customer’s Jeep. Once the film was printed and the car has undergone all necessary preparation procedures, the installation has followed.
Check out the photo gallery of the completed project and get in touch with us if you want the same done on your ride!

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