Your Wrap 3 Years Later

We are often being asked about the life span of the wrap and what would it look like years down the road. Here it is, the perfect example of a truly professional and quality wrap that was worth every penny paid and kept the owner happy for as long as 3 years (follow this link to see how it all started back in 2012).  Pictures below show how sharp and clean the film sits on the edges and curves after few cold winters and hot sunny summer seasons:

No doubt, the wrap would last another 3 years easily, however the owner felt like it was time to change things up and we had to say good bye to the gloss red. It’s now time for some gloss grey stripes and mirrors. Minor stone chips effected the wrap over 3 years, but left the factory paint surface untouched. Therefore, to continue protecting the front end of the vehicle we installed Pro Series clear protection on the hood and fenders.

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