Your clear protection, window and lights tint

Your clear protection, window and lights tint

2014 Aston Martin Vanquish clear protection install

Whether you have just purchased a new vehicle or want to take an extra step in protecting your pre-owned one from any possible  damage that the road has out there for you (road debris and weather conditions), consider having a clear protection film installed. Please contact us for details and your quote:

If you are looking into the idea of reducing the UV radiation and heat level from the sun (which also prolongs life of your vehicle’s interior and prevents the certain fabrics from wearing off too quickly, as one of the benefits) or would just like to have some more privacy, we have a certified window tint specialist who will assist you in choosing the right film and have it installed for you.

Don’t forget to get your lights tinted as well! Ask us about different film shades for your head, tail, fog lights as well as the side turn signals.

Like what you see? Contact us for a quote for your vehicle:

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