Wrap vs Paint

Wrap vs Paint

wrap vs paint

Wrap vs Paint: Expert Opinion

Vehicle wrapping is gaining popularity thanks to the creation of new vinyl colors and finishes. With a variety of Car Wrap finishes including matte, gloss and chrome, the combinations for Vinyl Vehicle Wraps are truly endless. Once familiarized with the idea of Car Wrapping, vehicle owners become curious about the details of vinyl and how it can be applied to various surfaces. The question then arises “why wrap and not paint?”.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you understand the pros and cons of Paint vs Wrap


Resale Value

factory paintYour vehicle has undergone a multistage paint process at the factory, sealing the body of the vehicle to keep it at its best for years. Having to repaint your vehicle in a different colour requires the removal of the factory paint job. This greatly affects your vehicles resale value. Wrapping the car does not affect your factory paint, and in fact, it provides a new level of protection from the elements.



High quality paint jobs may range anywhere from $4,000-$10,000 depending on the colour and quality of the finish and the facility where the work is carried out. With vinyl wraps, professionally installed applications for glossy and matte finished start at only $2,500 and can have a life expectancy of up to 8 years, depending on vinyl type and vehicle at hand.


Endless Possibilities

toronto car wraps - paint vs wrapWhether you wish to protect your vehicles original finish, show off with a fancy colour, or perhaps the vehicle you are purchasing is not available in the colour you desire,– wrapping your car is the best way to achieve the perfect look. Wrapping your car with Restyle It is the way to make your vehicle truly unique. With our ability to transform your vehicle in three to four days, if you ever decide on changing colours, we can have the vinyl professionally removed and you can simply re-select a new colour and have it applied in a timely fashion.

Protection and Maintenance

how to wash vinyl wrap

Constantly washing and waxing your vehicle takes time and is quite costly in the grand scheme of caring for your vehicle. Vehicle wraps are significantly easier to maintain and will look fresh again with a quick wash using soap and water. No excessive detailing, buffing and polishing is required to maintain a pristine finish. While every inch of original paint under the vinyl wrap is protected, your new color will take the place of your factory paint job. Say goodbye to stone chips, abrasion and fading! If you drive a leased car, this is the best way to protect your vehicle and avoid extraordinary body repair charges from the dealership upon returning your lease.



Can you only wrap cars?

Vinyl Wraps can be applied to cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, trains and much more! The material is durable enough to sustain exposure various environments from extreme cold to extreme hot conditions. We believe that paintless colour changes are the way of the future and every year with see new materials and new colours being released by manufactures. This brings you the opportunity to select from an endless palette of colors and finishes, all while being at the leading edge of vinyl wraps.

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