Restyle It atToronto International Autoshow 2014

February 2014 was a busy month at Restyle It. This year we attended the annual Canadian International Autoshow that took place from February 14 to the 23rd. 10 days of great new experience that we believe has made the next step forward in taking vinyl industry in Canada to the next level.

It was extremely pleasant to learn from the Toronto Auto Show that a significant portion of the population is familiar with vinyl and it’s benefits, given that this industry is fairly new to the Canadian auto world. We tried the best of our ability to make our booth as knowledgeable as possible and have all the information easy accessible for everyone. Many thanks to the entire Restyle It team who was there to share the experience and assist the attendees of the show with questions and inquiries.

Here is a little photo report on the show set up.

BMW 3series was half wrapped in Arlon Daytona Blue and available for viewing at Restyle It booth. Black Chrome Nissan GTR and Satin Grey Scion FRS wrapped by Restyle It and parked at the tuner hall.

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