Gloss White Range Rover Full Wrap

Vinyl wrapping not only provides your vehicle with a full color change, but it also acts as a form of paint protection. In the case of this Range Rover, the customer decided to have his Range Rover wrapped in a factory Gloss White.

Often factory colors are labelled as being white, but when compared to a gloss white vinyl sample often have a tinge of color added to them. With gloss white vinyls, the color is extremely white. A close look at this Range Rover shows our attention to detail and the way true color changes should be executed.

With tint applied to the tail lights and the badges blacked out, this Range Rover was complete and ready to be delivered to the customer.

Enjoy the photos.

Range Rover Red Accents

Painted in an Alpine White from the factory, instead of totally transforming this vehicle with a full color change, we worked with the client to create a set of accents which compliment the wheels and lines of the vehicle.

We added red to the front bumper, fog inserts, hood, roof, side vents and door handles to name a few. In combination with the white wheels, the red lips work to complete the overall finish of this Range Rover.

Enjoy the photos

Satin Black Range Rover Full Wrap

Originally painted white from the factory, this Range Rover went under the blade to receive a full wrap in Satin Black. Being a larger vehicle with a substantial amount of disassembly and reassembly to complete, a lot of work went in to completing this transformation

Accented by the black wheels and chrome pieces, this Range Rover makes a statement and stays classy at the same time.