olympic blue

Olympic Blue Mercedes E63

The one thing that Mercedes always seems to get right is their
overall fit and finish of their vehicles. Their older vehicles never seem
to get jaded; the older E and C classes still hold true to their heritage
through their bold and old school designs. This E63 sitting on Vossen
wheels is a project we were very excited to undertake.

Being a darker color, we have to pay a lot of attention to
edges and the showing of darker colors in areas where the brighter wrap
sits. As such, as make sure to wrap every component while paying particular
attention to the edges on body panels. After thinking about the Olympic
Blue vinyl, I realized that the E class is a vehicle that seems to look
good regardless of the color of the wrap. However, brighter colors like
Olympic Blue look particularly dazzling in the sunlight. We are more than
happy with the final result of this project and highly recommend E class
owners consider some of the brighter and unique colors in our arsenal of
vinyl wraps.

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Olympic Blue BMW M5

Olympic Blue BMW M5 is another one of a kind project that Restyle It team launched just few weeks into the spring. Original white exterior is impossible to guess under the new light gloss blue body color. BMW M5 being the rare vehicle choice, definitely maintains the exclusiveness status with the one of a kind Olympic Blue exterior look. The wrapped exterior chrome trim and the blacked out rims fully complete the design project.

Check out few amazing shots done by George Bucur Photography.

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