VW MK6 Matte Military Green

e’ve done a large variety of green colored wraps at RestyleIt in a variety of finishes including chrome, gloss and matte. With the limitless choices of finishes, patterns and colors, choosing a vinyl wrap to apply can sometimes be a very daunting task. Lucky for us, the owner of this Volkswagen Golf MK6 knew the direction the wanted to go with, and we have to say, his decision of color and finish was simply flawless.

Originally painted Dark Grey from the factory, we opted to do a full body wrap to a Matte Military Green.  Being a smaller car by nature, we were able to complete this car in very timely fashion. Having wrapped much more complex vehicles throughout our history, the Golf proved to be a simple and clean car to wrap. With clean and concise body lines, we were able to tackle the large panels with ease and make sure the owner received his VW back with a final finish that is the same if not better than his factory paint job.

Although the car doesn’t make a bold statement like a brighter more exotic color would, the choice of color with the black wheels and emblems proves a point: even a simple, darker shade of green with attention placed on the smaller details can make a bold statement.

Having said that, I hope you guys enjoyed this brief write up and the color we have applied to this vehicle. As always, like, share and comment and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for future updates and upcoming wraps at RestyleIt.

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