Kelly Green BMW M3

Having gone through more iterations than I am able to count on one hand, this M3′s latest color is that of Kelly Green. Previously wrapped Teal and Red, the green turned out to be simply beautiful. Setup with the beautiful TE wheels and the subtle wing, the photos show just how vibrant this M3 really is.

Enjoy the photos.

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Kelly Green Acura TL

This next write up is particularly close to my heart. Having seen this TL through it’s journey from being stock, to being where it is now, the owner, Sina, has put a substantial amount of time into making this TL stand out from the crowd. From the custom front lip and rear diffuser, to his beautiful set of Vossen CVTs for this season, both Sina and the team are confident that this car is going to turn a lot of heads this season.

Coming from the factory with an OEM black paint job, through extensive discussion, we decided to go with an eye-popping Cali Green vinyl. What set this wrap apart from  our other projects was just how eye popping this color is. Many have seen our Pearl Green Lamborghini that we recently featured, but this particular shade of green, thanks to the gloss finish, simply pops in the sunlight.

Keep your eyes peeled at this seasons Ertefa meets where this TL will be parked up front where the public will be able to see it up close and personal. Having said that, I think it is best to let the pictures do the talking.

Photo credits: Asphalt Hunters & CTIN Photography

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