Satin Grey Scion FRS Project

Many of the local car fanatics have seen this FRS at various shows including Importfest in the past. Being one of the first Rocket Bunny kits locally, it was a genuine honour to wrap this vehicle for our customer.

This project highlights the unison between paint and vinyl. We wrapped this Scion in Satin Grey and left the flares unwrapped in a gloss black paint. In combination with the tinted tail lights and yellow head lights, this FRS ended up being truly unique amongst the FT-86 platform.

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BMW 750i Frozen Grey

Frozen finishes directly from BMW are often costly, hard to maintain and are not realistic for daily use. For customers that are unable to find a frozen grey finish at the time of purchase, vinyl wrapping is the perfect solution. By going with a vinyl versus a paint job, not only is the cost much less, the finish is impeccable and maintenance is much simpler in comparison. With the gorgeous set of wheels on this BMW, this project turned out to be a genuine masterpiece.

Enjoy the photos

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Matte Grey GMC Sierra

Very often we have customers inquiring about wrapping their trucks, concerned about our ability to complete a full color change on such a large vehicle. At ReStyle It, we pride ourselves in our ability to totally transform any size vehicle from one color to whatever our customer wishes for.

We took this GMC Sierra, and made sure that all pieces including the bed were completely covered and showed no signs of the old color. With our technicians on-site, we are able to dismantle and reassemble your vehicle with great precision and care.

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Matte Dark Grey Chevrolet HHR

If you’re talking about unique, you instantly think of this Chevrolet HHR. Originally painted black from the factory, this HHR turned out to be one of the most complex and time consuming wraps we have done to date. With long, flowing lines, this HHR took on the Matte Dark Gray vinyl we applied beautifully.

Boasting a long list of performance upgrades and a solid audio system, the wrap job on this vehicle was the final piece to complete this unique ride. Upon its arrival and with the help of Royalty Auto Spa, the HHR was cleaned up in house and prepped for the receiving of the vinyl. The prime reason we pride ourselves in our work is our ability to tackle projects that many other people would simply dread doing. The HHR proved to be a challenge, but we not only completed the project in a timely manner, but we did achieved what many would consider to be impossible.

After much consideration, I have decided to not post the mod list in this particular article due to just how massive it is. The owner of this HHR has without a doubt made some of the most tasteful decisions during his build. I hope you guys enjoy the photos!

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Battleship Grey BMW M3

Any chance we get to showcase our installers wrapping skills, we make sure to capitalize on it. This Battleship Grey M3 owned by the lovely folks at Eurocharged Canada gave us the chance to show just how much work goes in to the full wrap process when we take off the doors wrap the door jambs.

After our usual breakdown process, we proceeded to take off the two doors on this beautiful supercharged E92. Not only do we wrap the door jambs on the car itself, but we pay special attention to wrap around the doors and into the inner portion of the door. After completing our usual door handle wrapping routine, we proceeded to reassemble this beast in order to prepare it for delivery.

I think it is safe to say that the transformation from this BMW’s factory white paint, to this gorgeous Battleship Grey was a huge success. Both the team and I are very happy with the final result.

Enjoy the photos!

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