Atomic Teal Chrysler Crossfire

After vehicle production has been stopped in year 2008, Chrysler Crossfires have become quite a rare find. Those who were able to get one, tend to hold on to it as well as try to extend the lifespan of the car for as long as it’s possible.

This little guy here went through full body colour transformation from factory grey to this vibrant and full of life Atomic Teal finish. The new film doesn’t only give it a new exciting appearance,  but also protects the all original paint on the body.

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Chrysler Crossfire Custom Project

What’s one of the most effective ways to create awareness for the product or service? That’s right, have it exposed to as many potential users as possible. Let the crowd know that you exist and how to find you!

Tap2Tag team approached Restyle It as they were looking to promote their company to people anywhere they travelled. The goal was to create a design that would bring attention and deliver the message to the company’s target market. Visit their page for more details!

Full body custom wrap designed and installed by Restyle It.

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Matte Blue Aluminum Crossfire

Since our first Crossfire that we wrapped in chrome, to this gorgeous Matte Blue Aluminum project, the Crossfire has held on to its unique look and prestigious styling throughout the years.

Arriving with a small dent in the hood, we had the dent removed, the body wiped down and the car prepped for its makeover. The door handles, badges and a few inserts were wrapped in a gloss black instead of the blue aluminum. We could have certainly opted to have the entire vehicle wrapped in blue, but the contrast between the gloss black and blue aluminum suited the Crossfire nicely. We hope you like this project as much as we did.

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