Satin Black Panamera GTS

Satin Black Panamera GTS

Satin Black 2014 Porsche Panamera GTS

Since the release of the Panamera, I have always been fascinated with the
design of the vehicle and how Porsche has created such a capable four-door
vehicle. The Porsche Panamera we took on is a 2014 GTS. Arriving from the
factory with a dark grey finish, we opted to highlight the smooth-flowing
lines with a Satin black finish.

The beauty of the Panamera lies in the smaller details that
Porsche has addressed in the design of he vehicle. From the LED bar fog
lights, to the gorgeous headlights and taillights, the Satin black finish
worked perfectly in highlighting the prominent features of the car. What
made this wrap stand out even more is the fact that the brake calipers are
red. It may seem like a small detail, but the contrast between the red
calipers and satin black wrap adds to the overall fit and finish of this
project. It is important to note that because Porsche is unable to offer
this car in a Satin Black finish, the customer opted to purchase the
vehicle in the most readily available paint finish and have it brought to
us straight from the dealer to be wrapped in Satin black. This particular
scenario does not only apply to Porsche, many of the top vehicle
manufacturers are simply unable to offer paint finishes that exist in
vinyl. Keep this in mind with the next vehicle you plan on purchasing.

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as I did. Certainly
satin black looks like a simple color, but in the sunlight and with the
right angles and lines, such as this Panamera, Satin black looks absolutely

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