Raspberry BLUE VW Golf

Vinyl wraps are not new to Canadian auto scene, however questions like “how long do you need my car for to do the wrap?” come up pretty often.
There are exceptions that take place due to the number of reasons, but the usual full colour change turn around time on majority of the vehicles is about 3 – 4 days.

The actual film installation is far not the only step that vehicle color change involves. After the thorough cleaning takes place, the vehicle moves on to the disassembly station. We believe that no colour change is clean and perfect enough unless small details are taken off the vehicle and wrapped individually. Small parts like door handles, mirrors, antennas, head and tail lights come off the vehicles to get wrapped. Some makes and models are fairly easy to take apart, others are a lot more intricate and complex and require more time to complete. With that being said, vehicle disassembly stage may take anywhere from couple of hours to a full day of labor. After the vinyl is installed, the technician puts the vehicle back together.

In the next few days we will tell you about the Porsche Panamera project where the car went from factory black to a battleship grey and the steps involved in color transformation process.

Volkswagen Golf in the gallery below features the 3M Raspberry Blue.

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