PureZone Antimicrobial film to reduce coronavirus and bacteria.

PureZone Antimicrobial film to reduce coronavirus and bacteria.

Year 2020 has placed the world into the arms of the destructive pandemic Novel Virus Covid-19, which has fundamentally changed our behaviour,
instilling high level of precaution and changing our perspective on what is “clean” and “safe”.

We do have a solution to keep you, your family, clients, and coworkers safe.

Antimicrobial film that is based on the performance of silver ions that come in contact with the bacteria, blocking their (bacteria) metabolism and interrupting their proliferation mechanism, leading to bacteria destruction.

  • Reduces Coronaviruses by 99,97% in 1 hour!
  • Reduces bacteria by 99.99% in 1 hour

Employees, business owners, general public, young and old have all experienced the effects of the major social,
economic and financial changes that came our way. It is now time to adapt to the new reality and gain back the
control of our health, life and working environment.

PureZone is here to protect both global and local communities against the majority of known bacteria and viruses and
prevent their further spread. Moreover, the presence of antimicrobial coatings in these changed spaces can put a large
majority of consumers at ease even after covid 19.

From daily use touch screens to ride-sharing fleets, antimicrobial technology is already finding its long term adoption in
all daily life practices. Antimicrobial coatings will be commonplace for the foreseeable future, especially in high
traffic applications like public transportation and healthcare, educational institution and retail.

  1. Protects your premises 24/7 for 5 years!
  2. Does not require special maintenance!
  3. Resistant to cleaning chemical agents, alcohol, oils, etc!
  4. Waterproof! Prevents the humid environment for microbes from building up!
  5. Transparent!
  6. Non-irritant to skin!

Few potential application areas, many of which have become the subject to the case studies and shown quite impressive and convincing results:

  • Food processing and retail facilities (counters, shopping carts, payment and self-checkout terminals. etc), small scale individual retail units;
  • Pharmacies, medical institutes (including hospital surgical, high volume emergency care facilities, ICU and NICU, prenatal and pediatric centers, ambulance vehicles, etc)
  • Public transportation and ride share vehicles;
  • Public and private educational and child care institutions;
  • Shopping centers (elevators, escalators, store counters, public washrooms, information stands, food courts);
  • Office spaces (elevators, work areas including tables, printing/photocopying centers, common areas, etc),
  • Gas stations

Contact us directly or our subsidiary health division Germ Over to stop the coronavirus, stop the fear, and the spread!