Protect your paint today, to avoid disappointment tomorrow!

Protect your paint today, to avoid disappointment tomorrow!

Vehicles now days are mass produced and manufacturers try to cut cost on everything they can. There are a lot more colours available to customize your vehicle but the use of water-based paint does not provide the thickness the same as it was before.

What are the consequences?!

  1. More prone to damage and and catching a stone that will go right through the paint.
  2. Scratches are harder to fix and even a slight scratch will go to the metal or aluminum which requires a different process when painting.
  3. A lot less paint to work with if you want to polish to bring back the original shine.

We Have A SOLUTION For You

Paint protection film is a great solution to keep your paint looking like day one for years to come. Thick clear rubber coating creates a protective layer that will not let your paint get damaged. Material is self healing and automatic wash safe! With 10 year warranty we will keep your paint looking amazing for years to come!

Call us for details on packages available for your vehicle. We create custom packages according to the use of your vehicle. Just don’t forget to mention 10% off deal for the package deal. 1-416-238-2455