Pearl White Nissan GTR

Chrome cars won’t surprise an average driver today as there are quite a few of them out on the road these days. Back in the day, however, when we wrapped this Nissan GTR in the striking blue chrome film, it was a head turner and started a chrome trend in a local car scene as well as was noticed on the international level.

Sharp and distinctive, it would make a loud appearance on every car show it would go to and would be seen miles away while driving in the city. It was definitely one of our favourite projects which made a history, but it’s now time for a change.

The beauty of vinyl wraps is in having an opportunity to experiment with various design ideas and bring the exterior look back to original any time. And often, the more creative you get, the more fun it is. When the GTR came in to have the chrome look transformed to pearl white, we knew that it wouldn’t be just a regular white wrap. Its an ALL White wrap! No accent color or chrome pieces, everything is wrapped in white! Unique? YES! One of a kind? YES!

Wait until he puts the new wheels on! To be continued…

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