Pearl White Mercedes S65

Matte finishes on cars have become trendy few years ago and remain popular up to date.

Traditionally, there are two ways you can achieve the matte look on your vehicle, paint and vinyl wrap. What you have to remember is that despite the similar visual effect, things like installation, care and repair differ in their nature.

When matte paint job requires a significantly longer application time, matte wrap can be installed within 3-4 day turn around time. If damaged, matte paint repair will get long, difficult and costly and if you are lucky, the repaired panels will match the colour on the rest of the vehicle. When it comes to wraps, the process is way faster and less stressful. Besides, if you get a scratch or chip, the layer of vinyl will actually protect the original paint surface.

You should also keep in mind that up keeping the matte painted exterior is a bit different from the regular gloss finish. Waxing, buffing or taking your car though the automatic car washes with rotating brushes will make as much harm to your matte paint as not cleaning the vehicle at all. Proper and fairly easy maintenance steps will keep your matte wrap last you a lot longer.

Mercedes S65 came in with factory Designo Magno Cashmere White paint finish. Right off the bat it makes you think “that colour must be hard to maintain”. It indeed was. The original owner didn’t seem to put much effort into preserving the expensive factory colour option. By the time the car ended up with the new owner, the paint has absorbed so much dirt, it was impossible to wash off. Long story short, the car underwent full colour transformation to Gloss Pearl White.


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