Matte Purple Chameleon GTR

Matte Purple Chameleon GTR

The month of January has brought us few exciting projects. Today the story is about matte purple chameleon Nissan GTR.

If you drive a GTR, you know that winter is not a storage time season, but rather than a time of the year when you get your ride ready for spring. And Restyle It design studio is the place where winter wonderland magic happens.

The owner of this Nissan GTR at first imagined his car in matte black wrap but after going through our significantly big color selection, we came across one of a kind chameleon finish that caught client’s eye.  That’s when we all knew that this would be the new exterior color of this Nissan GTR.

To say that the least the car came out looking amazing. The special effect is visible when you look at the car from different angles: from deep dark purple the color is changing into the nice rich bluish green tone. Thousands of views and positive feedback all over the net is the best reward ever. But the most important approval was still to come. Relaxed after vacation and extremely excited to see his restyled sports car, the owner couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his new car. We made sure it was close to impossible to notice the original color of the car: we wrapped the door jambs which completed the project entirely.

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