Matte Black Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Matte Black Mercedes Benz Sprinter


To our fellow Sprinter owners, RestyleIt would like to proudly present, the sleekest transport vehicle on the face of this planet. Wrapped in a Matte Black vinyl, this previously white Sprinter went from being your average transport vehicle to something that is clean, professional and very sleek.

Arriving factory white and with such a large surface area to cover, this project was a huge undertaking for us. The sheer amount of time to cover this beast was substantially longer than our average two door and four door projects. After breaking down the Sprinter and removing some of the plastic panels, we wrapped the body with a Matte Black Vinyl. The door jambs were addressed accordingly and tailored too as needed.

We hope you guys appreciate projects like this just as much as we do at the shop. Vinyl wraps are not only limited to the average consumer car; sometimes the more rugged transport vehicles deserve a transformation as well.

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