Hyundai Veloster gloss red accents

Hyundai Veloster gloss red accents


Since we didn’t get to share this project with your guys back when it was done, here it is! Stripes and small accents are highly unlikely to lose their popularity any time soon, so this is just one of the examples of the partial wrap done on a vehicle before the new owner was ready to pick up his new car from the dealership.

Brand new Hyundai Veloster stopped by at Restyle It (yes, this was back at our previous location) to get the custom gloss red trim done. If you like this idea or have your own design outlined, get in touch with us so we can turn it into real life project!

Someone has recently inquired if racing stripes were only available in black color. The answer is NO! You can pick any color you want and come up with the most unexpected design possible and we will be more than happy to have it printed and installed on your vehicle!

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