Gloss Red AUDI A3

Gloss Red AUDI A3

Gloss Red Audi A3 project

Elegant, compact, sporty, well structured, reliable with exceptional fuel efficiency! What is there not to love about Audi A3? Introduced to North America only in 2006, this vehicle is a perfect example of rock-solid impeccable German engineering so loved by many. Today’s Restyle It project is for the customer who values practicality, performance and irreproachable Audi body design. Great vinyl color choice added some more chic and personality to it. Beautiful bodylines were outlined by gloss red exterior wrap and complimented by gloss black mirrors. The color of the wrap that suits the car so impressively well and the jewelry like installation job make the wrap difficult to distinguish from the factory paint job. Gloss black mirrors wrap nicely compliments the black roofline along with the grill and window trim.

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