Q. How long will it take to wrap my car?

This greatly depends on the project at hand. Usual turnaround time for a full vehicle wrap is 4-5 days.

Q. How will season change affect the wrap?

Whether it’s a snowy winter or hot and sunny summer time your wrap will not just remain its original quality and strength, but it will also protect your original paint. Vinyl wraps are made with pressure-activated adhesive which is purposely designed to be applied on surfaces for protection reasons.

Q. Is there a warranty on my wrap?

All of our wraps are subject to one year warranty from the day of final inspection.

Q. How do I take care of my wrap?

Car soap and water is all you need to maintain the best quality and look of the wrap.

Q. Can my wrap be damaged by fuel?

Vinyl film was originally designed for large outdoor and indoor surface applications and was ensured to resist the majority of outdoor forces (including chemicals, heat, cold, etc.). Although leaving fuel/oil on the surface of the wrap will increase the chance of ruining it.

Q. What else do you wrap?

Trucks, boats, bikes, laptops, appliances. Focusing on achieving high quality and detailed work performance, we can wrap anything that is vinyl friendly.

Q. Can I wrap my leased vehicle?

Yes. Since vinyl is removable without damaging vehicle’s original paint, wrapping your leased vehicle will protect it from stone chips, scratches and roadway debris, and will keep it in the same condition as when you picked it up.

Q. Can it be removed? Does it Damage the paint?

The wrap is removable and will not damage your paint as long as it’s all original(OEM) paint.

Q. Do I need to notify MTO about my car color change?

Yes. You have to bring your vehicle registration to the local MTO office and report a change of your vehicle information within 6 days of the change.

Q. Can I install vinyl wrap myself if I have material available?

Vinyl wrap installation requires skills and experience in order to achieve the desirable result. Take your car to professionals and get them to Restyle It for you!