Chrome Monte Carlo Project

Chrome Monte Carlo Project

Two Tone Chrome Monte Carlo

Originally introduced in 1970, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo was
marketed as a personal-luxury coupe through the majority of its history.
With a V8 under the hood, the Monte Carlo fitted the build as a true luxury
vehicle up until 2007 when it was discontinued.

Originally painted Beige from the factory, this Monte Carlo came to us
looking to get a chrome wrap job. Having done a large volume of chrome
vehicles in the past we decided to try something a little bit different
with this vehicle. Not only did we choose to wrap the majority of the car
in chrome, we decided to go with a two tone wrap and apply green chrome on
the lower half of the vehicle.

The beauty of vinyl wrap is how versatile the material is. Not
only can we wrap interior components and exterior body panels, we can also
apply the same vinyl to wheels. In order to match the choice of two tone
chrome and green chrome on the body, we took the same green chrome vinyl
and accented the wheels as well. Certainly a full chrome wheel would have
looked great but the color matching truly completed the overall finish of
the car.

Chrome vinyl is very difficult to fully capture in pictures,
having said that, we hope the photos give you all a feel for how much this
car pops in the sunlight.

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