Chrome BMW 645 transformation

Chrome BMW 645 transformation

BMW 645i Matte Red Chrome Full Body wrap

Here is a big one folks! BMW 645 has been a loyal friend of Restyle It for over 3 years and we have been watching it grow from day one! Those of you who are familiar with the local automotive scene, most likely followed all the stages of transformation the car has undergone over years! We are proud to say that Restyle It was a significant part of this change.

Let’s refresh our memories and will go back to 2011 when we first got to meet each other. Vehicle wrap has just started developing its grounds and was still fairly new to the local car enthusiasts, so you can also imagine that the color selection was quite limited at that time (which has changed drastically in the last couple of years). So back then, BMW 6 just made it’s first steps into the world of vinyl transformation and set a significant example to the local auto industry. Known as Importfest (Canada’s Biggest and Baddest Car Show) bimmer, it has been gaining quite a bit of following ever since.

Matte white became the color choice for the first full vehicle wrap on this 6 (original factory finish was black).

The year flew buy so fast and it was then time to change the look and take it to the next level. As some of you might know, Restyle It launched the first Chrome Wrap in Canada back in 2011, however it was so new and “different” for local public, that it almost required another chrome wrap for people to start gaining interest in it. Do you see where we are going with this? That’s right!

We were getting something special ready for Importfest show in August 2012! So as the excitement grew and the show day was just around the corner, we did it again! First Colored Chrome Wrap in Canada was out of Restyle It doors just hours before the show! Black Chrome BMW 6series was a feature vehicle of Canada’s Biggest and Baddest Car Show 2012!

Now you might think, that is it. How much further can these guys go with their crazy wrap skills and ideas! Well, there was one more thing noone has ever tried in all North America before WE DID! We decided to cross all the lines at Restyle It and give the bimmer a totally new dynamic and absolutely gorgeous look for the Season 2013! Check out the photos below since they say it all! Matte Red Chrome BMW 6 (First Matte Colored Chrome wrap in North America).

Using the opportunity, we would like to thank Team Vossen for featuring this vehicle in the Vossen World Tour Video.

Photo credit to their respectful owners.

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