Black chrome G63

If at first chrome wraps didn’t receive a warm welcome, over time they seem to be gaining in popularity and continue to be a growing trend. Besides, moving away from “let’s play safe” colours, our clients go full out and experiment with various colour combinations (chrome comes available in a rich colour palette). Black chrome wrap has drawn quite an attention to itself and recently became one of the most wanted finishes.

Here we have an outstanding project and we call it so for a couple of reasons. First, we got to give it to the charisma of this venerable off-roader. Being a true Sport Utility Vehicle this ‘love or hate” truck has a solid fan base who share quite a unique taste in cars.

Gwagon is certainly one of the most difficult trucks out there to wrap and chrome film makes it even more intricate. OEM pearl white colour was to be wrapped in black chrome finish. Gloss black door jambs wrap, in its turn, completed the transformation.

Should we mention that a job like this requires a lot (and we mean a lot!) of attention, detail work and assiduity. But isn’t that what makes your vehicle unique and our job rewarding.

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